Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Bush sets stage for WWIII

By Libby

The only reason I didn't take Joe Tobacco's bet is that I'm so superstitious, I didn't want to do anything to bring this horrible scenario into fruition, but I guess I should have gone for it in light of today's news that Bush has taken another end run around the Congress and has declared Iran's military unit a terrorist force.

Consider the impact of that for a moment. Bush just declared a sovereign country's army to be terrorists. So much for the faux diplomacy ploy, much less international consensus. Atty Tood is on the same wavelength about this and he's already written the long explanation but in short, make no mistake about this -- Bush is going to bomb Iran before he leaves office. At this point I don't think even impeachment would stop him. They're hellbent on leaving the worst mess possible for the next president, assuming as I'm assured, they actually intend to leave office, and they simply don't care about the fallout. He and Cheney have truly gone batshit crazy.

Perhaps, you think I'm the one who's crazy? I hope you're right, but it sure could explain why Rove so suddenly resigned. As Tood remarks, and I noted earlier, what better explantion could there be than being overruled on a plan so insane that even Rove couldn't live with it?

Our only hope is a mass attack of conscience by our military leaders. Unless they refuse as a body to carry out the orders, this administration is poised to gleefully usher in a new world war and in this one there won't be any winners.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

We really, Really, REALLY, need Congress to revoke the blanket war power's resolution from 2002. It's the only way to make Bush's going after another country expressly illegal.

3:51:00 PM  
Blogger Libby Spencer said...

That's a good point Kvatch. They should reconvene immediately and do just that. Maybe I'll do a post for DetNews on that theme.

4:23:00 PM  

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