Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Quick hits - Brain dead edition

By Libby

The news is just not inspiring me today so here's some reading material while I try to think of something meaningful to say about the sorry state of the union. I'm sure you don't need any help interpreting these stories.

Ted "Earmark King" Stevens is of course protesting his innocence while the FBI and the IRS raid his residence. The agencies aren't telling what they're looking for but one doubts it's tips on home decorating.

I broke this story in Detroit last night and I see it's receiving remarkably little attention. Rep. Jay Inslee will introduce a resolution today directing the House Judiciary Committee to investigate whether Attorney General Alberto Gonzales should be impeached. This is from the local Seattle paper. The WaPo chose instead to run a lame-assed column in defense of Gonzales that ignores all evidence that he is a serial liar.

Cheney says he's a unique creature. That's the understatement of the week. Mustang Bobby and Shakes have their own ideas but I'm guessing he's one of these or perhaps he's just boasting and is just a garden variety souless humanoid.

Speaking of souless humanoids, Joe Lieberman is still holding up the works, standing in the door of the Democratic bus and threatening to jump off, however obliquely. Holy Joe seems to be laboring under the misapprehension that anything he has to say really matters and crows that he's having a great time being the center of attention as a GOP Co-dependent. For the love of God and country, can't somebody just kick his ass to the curb and get on with the itinerary?

And there's one place that Bush has succeeded in transplanting US style democracy to the Iraq government. Corruption among the leadership in firmly embedded in the system.
Supplies and medicine in strife-torn Baghdad's overcrowded hospitals have been siphoned off and sold elsewhere for profit because of corruption in the Iraqi Ministry of Health, according to a draft U.S. government report obtained by NBC News.

The report, written by U.S. advisers to Iraq's anti-corruption agency, analyzes corruption in 12 ministries and finds devastating and grim problems. "Corruption protected by senior members of the Iraqi government," the report said, "remains untouchable."

Just like back home except the Iraqis are more honest about their thievery. They just steal outright while our political robbers hide behind earmarks.

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