Saturday, July 21, 2007

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New readers who only read this blog may not be aware that my deal with both the Detroit News and NEWSHOGGERS is that I only post new content. I'm only allowed to cross-post at The Reaction. I will occassionally rewrite the same story for the three blogs but generally I cover different news at each site. Sometimes, like now, I have time to post links here to my other stuff but otherwise you're on your own.

So if you're not clicking around my personal corner of Blogtopia every day to see what's on my mind, I posted this morning at NEWSHOGGERS on Thompson's baldness problem. Follow the link at that post to some funny cartoons.

I also expressed my outrage about Fred Hiatt's latest sorry excuse for an editorial in the WaPo. I swear, the man should be declared a danger to civil society.

In Detroit, I've been ragging on Cox & Forkham for beating the Iran war drum, beating up on Bush for his pro-life veto, and defending the Democratic party, something I don't always do, regardless of what my critics tell you.

Also in case you missed Mark Kleimann's excellent post on his near death experience while waiting for health insurance authorizations, follow the links here for a hair-raising story on how his excellent coverage almost cost him his life. Makes a compelling case for a single payer plan.

Update: Just posted at NEWSHOGGERS, the White House begs for UN intervention. What a difference a failed surge strategy makes...

Meanwhile, the slow motion domestic genocide of Katrina just keeps on keeping on.

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