Sunday, April 08, 2007

Surging Onward

Nothing but horrible news from Iraq this Easter weekend with 10 American soldiers killed, many more wounded and now Shiite strong man Al-Sadr has openly called for Iraqi fighters to kill Americans and not other Iraqis. At this point no one is reporting what Grand Ayatollah Ali-Sistani is saying or doing. He is the most influential leader in Iraq and he is letting Al-Sadr call the shots.

Carl Levin the democratic senator from Michigan vowed today to not cut the funding to support our troops in the field, signalling a split with senate majority leader Harry Reid.

This is an unfortunate development but the inevitable consequence of dealing with a failed, lame-duck president. Mr. Bush has nothing left but the war in Iraq. Any back down would guarantee his place in the history books as America's worst president.

The republicans have been King George's powerless parliament for six years now. They've given him everything he wanted and he has allowed them to destroy the budget and spend money like drunken sailors on shore leave.

The republican congress has weakened the Constitution, limited our rights and sold their souls to strengthen the executive branch at the expense of the people.

The republican party has sorely misused our military. To Mr. Bush they are just a convenient photo-op backdrop to his meaningless speeches. They have not trained them, equipped them or given them a mission they could win with the tools at hand.

When they are wounded they are sent home to reduced pay, no benefits, unlimited red tape and vermin infested lodging at one of our out-sourced military hospitals.

When they are killed in the line of duty they are sent home to no honors as if we are ashamed of them, their bodies off loaded from planes by fork trucks.

Yet these right-wing bastards wrap themselves in the flag and accuse dems of not funding the troops.

Fund our troops, support them, bring them home if we can.

Then in 2008 we can bury those lying republican bastards and return the White House to the people and then it will be payback time.

Jim M
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