Saturday, April 07, 2007

Hot? I like it hot!

I'm going to touch on some old news here, but is anyone out there besides me confused about why global warming is an issue for evangelical Christians? Why are they so opposed to the idea?Why are they attacking good Southern Baptist boy Al Gore?

I think being opposed to the idea of manmade global warming is more of a problem for christianists than it is for Christians. You know what a christianist is; think islamist, but with Christmas. Christianists use the teachings of Christ as a political ideology.

Jerry Falwell is obviously concerned.

Mr. Falwell makes a weak effort to rein in those evangelicals who see global warming as a real manmade threat and worthy of attention while accusing them of being misguided tools of the mainstream media and aligning themselves with godless liberals. At one point he even discusses how cool it's been recently. Brrrrr!

Except for confusing the climate with the weather, Falwell is no dummy. He knows that Al Gore is a man of substance and must be attacked. The one thing the christianists fear is the loss of power and money that a democratic win in 2008 would bring . In Al Gore they see a man who would be a more formidable opponent than those democrats now in the running.

Besides, Falwell likes the heat, the hotter the better. It will be good practice for him.

Jim M

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Blogger Libby Spencer said...

LOL. Looks to me like that sharp wit I remembered and loved is still really honed Jim. Good to have you back in Blogtopia.

9:53:00 PM  

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