Sunday, April 08, 2007

Hostage Repercussions Part Two

As a followup to my previous post, you should read Andrew Sullivan who has a great column up at the London Times. Mr. Sullivan is the pro-war columnist and blogger at The Daily Dish.

Poor Andrew is a conflicted guy being one of the most pro-war bloggers in the run up to this Iraqi debacle and one of Mr. Bush's most consistent detractors when he realized that Bush is a bumbling fool.

This article is pretty much dead on in it's analysis. The problem comes in the next to last column:

To any patriot, British or American, this is infuriating. To anyone who loathes Islamist dictatorship, it is demoralising. But it is the hard reality we now face. And the low-key, patient diplomacy that Britain showed last week may have prompted some Americans to think about what the near-future of this war will have to look like.

Well, as an American patriot what scares me is that if we have to use patient diplomacy we're in a world of trouble since we seem to be totally lacking in any kind of diplomacy other than gunboat diplomacy. Are there any statesmen of honor and ability left or has Bush and his people run them all off?

We need leadership, but all we have is Bush and Condi.

The future is becoming more scary with each passing day.

Jim M

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Blogger Libby Spencer said...

Heh. I rarely read Sully. Good catch. I liked this line too.

In fact, the entire rationale for democratising and liberating Iraq was to undermine the real threat, Iran. Instead, the reverse has happened: failure in Iraq has made Iran immensely stronger and even, thanks to Bush’s detention policies, nonplan for the occupation and awful public relations, robbed the West of the moral high ground.

Isn't this exactly what so many of us predicted.

12:31:00 PM  

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