Friday, March 16, 2007

Valerie Plame speaks

Plame is testifying this morning before a House committee. The purpose is rather clear. Since the Libby trial was unable by legal restraints to answer the big questions about the outing of Plame, Fitzgerald put the ball back into the Congress' court and Waxman is running with it.
As for Valerie's motive in appearing before the committee:
People close to Plame say her primary goal in testifying before the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform is to knock down persistent claims that she did not serve undercover. "She is so tired of hearing that," her mother, Diane Plame, said in an interview earlier this week.
I'm really tired of hearing that myself and you would think the rightwingnuts that have been promoting that false meme and dismissing the leak as inconsequential would welcome the hearings in order to clear that point up once and for all. After all, if there really was no underlying crime, these hearings could make their point for them.

So why are the wingnuts getting so hysterical over it and furiously pounding out dumb questions they wish the committee would ask? You think maybe they're worried the underlying crime might be as uncovered as Plame's covert status was? Well, on the off chance that any of the wingers really want to know, Booman Tribune has the smart answers to their really stupid questions.

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