Saturday, March 24, 2007

A trip down memory lane with Peggy Noonan

A double hat tip to my dear friend Jules Siegel for this gem. One might suppose she would like to forget she ever said this.
"It has been established already in this race that Mr. Gore tells a lot of lies, that he lies a lot even for a politician. But I think it has also been established that Mr. Bush not only does not lie but is probably incapable of lying. He is, transparently and simply, not a liar but a plainspoken teller of the truth as he is able to see it. This is a wonderful thing in anyone, and marvelous in a politician. A palpably honest man running for office in the Clinton era!"
So tell me again why anyone is listening to her now? In fact, tell me why she even still has a job at one of the formerly most respected newspapers in the world. It's frightening to see how deeply the White House culture of incompetency has infected our media. No wonder we're in such a mess.

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Blogger jules_siegel said...

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3:04:00 PM  
Blogger jules_siegel said...

From ThinkProgress:

QUESTION: What is the president's opinion of a request by Republican leaders in the House to launch an investigation of Sandy Berger's involvement in the removal of classified documents from the National Archives?

SNOW: There were questions last week, about investigations involving Republican members. Members of Congress have their own oversight obligations. They may proceed as they wish. They're a separate and co-equal branch of government and I'm not going to tell them what they can and can't do. [Briefing, 10/16/06]

3:06:00 PM  
Blogger Libby Spencer said...

Jules! How nice to see you here. Another great quote. I was just thinking there was enough of these sort of quotes that someone could write a book. The difficult part would be narrowing it down...

7:04:00 AM  

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