Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Heckuva job Gonzo

Unsurprisingly, Bush is defending Gonazales and the firings of the US Attorneys with the usual mumbled excuses about mistakes were made but Al's doing a heckuva job and adds the current right wing talking point about Clinton dismissing the whole lot of attorneys when he took office.

Surprisingly, these weak arguments are debunked by Capt. Ed who points out either Gonzales lied to Congress or he's an idiot. He also points out the the flaw in the Clinton argument.
In 25 years, we had two outright mid-term dismissals and three mid-term resignations, all for obvious misconduct, and three other indeterminate resignations. Only 54 USAs have left mid-term in 25 years, most of them either appointed as judges or to campaign for elective office, but all of them (but the eight described above) on their own volition and for their own purposes. This should demonstrate the unusual level of dismissals in the short period after Congress allowed the AG to appoint interim USAs without Senate confirmation.
Ed doesn't think it's illegal. I do. But we both agree it stinks.

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