Saturday, February 24, 2007

Krauthammer cracks up on Iraq

Krauthammer slips into his virtual high heels and pearls and goes into full White House steno mode today with this lame screed against the Democratic majority's well-advised plan to revoke the use of force resolution that currently allows Bush to practice his insanity unfettered by any parameters. He starts by ignoring the voluminous evidence that has been uncovered about the White House's cooked intel and claims the Congress enacted the resolution in full awareness of the pre-invasion situation on the ground in Iraq.

He then throws the usual defeatist taunt, claiming the Democrats don't want to win in Iraq, and as is customary among the Bushspeakers, fails to define what victory might be, nor can he quote a single Democrat who has actually said they don't want to win. Charles apparently can't comprehend that admitting the mission has failed takes more courage than obstinately and unrealistically denying that it can't be won.

He goes on to accuse the Dems of political cowardice for failing to simply cut off the war funds and leave the troops high and dry, couching that as the only choice between supporting an ill-advised escalation and stemming the current occupation's fast bleeding of our troops and treasure. This is like saying your patient is dying of a gunshot wound and your only choice is to either shoot him a couple of more times so he'll bleed out faster or walk away if don't have the guts to put him down like a race horse with a broken leg.

But Charlie attempts to put a serous spin on his silly musings. He says "[t]here is something exceedingly strange about authorizing the use of force -- except for combat." Of course that's not what the Democratic proposal is saying at all. It would authorize the use of force for necessary combat only -- not for unrealistic interventions in foreign civil conflicts and imperalistic adventurism.

And of course Chuckles must find a way to slip in the obligatory new, no doubt Rove invented, catchphrase by accusing the Dems of "slowly bleeding" our forces. Slowing down the bleeding would be a more appropriate analogy for what the Dems are trying to do. You apply a torniquet to a bleeding man to save him. You don't cut his jugular vein to save his life, which is effectively what the surge policy is doing to our military.

Yep, Chuck did a bang up job on this hit piece. Cheney will be so pleased he'll probably let Krauthammer sit on his lap to take dictation for the next one.
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