Saturday, February 03, 2007

Hugh Hewitt - Full steam ahead and damn the icebergs

I'm telling you folks, it's a laughorama here this afternoon. Hugh jumps on board with Kristol to admonish the newly enlightened GOPers for failing to pledge allegiance to the Great Decider and for that which he stands. Hewitt breaks out the big guns for this warning across the bow. He, and the 32,000 that signed his petition will withhold their support and funding for the GOP if they don't banish every "defeatist" who smells something other than victory in the "new" surge strategy.

You have to love that threat. I bet that has the Beltway insiders quaking in their boots. Maybe Hugh doesn't see the irony in the fact that he and dozens of other blogs with a combined readership in the hundreds of thousands were only able to muster 32,000 signers for his fearsome Pledge. My guess, and I'm being charitable here, is that 30,000 of those have never given a cent to the party and confine their political activism to bitching in the comments of those blogs.

My advice to Hewitt and Kristol is take a quick peek over the side of their boat and check the name of the sinking ship they refuse to abandon. I'm pretty sure it's called the Titanic.
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