Friday, February 09, 2007

GOP avoids issues, spends week bullying Pelosi

I occassionally rant on this issue, and the GOP's juvenile conduct this week bolsters my case to abolish amendments right along with earmarks. The GOP apparently seeking to take the focus of public attention off the on-going disaster of our Iraq policy, climate disruption, our health care crisis, the economy and the evolving investigations that are exposing the slimy underbelly of their party's corruption, just spent a week bombing the media with soundbites about Speaker Pelosi's completely appropriate inquiry into whether a military plane large enough to fly cross country was available for her occassional use. The GOP went as far as to introduce an inane amendment specifically targeting Pelosi's request into important legislation on alternative energy simply to punish the Speaker and in effect derailing the bill.

The worst part about this fake controversy is the GOP, apparently unable to give up their psychopathic need to lie, made the whole thing up. She didn't request any specific plane, although the one they accuse her of asking for, the alleged flying Lincoln bedroom, is a plane routinely used by the executive branch to ferry the First Lady, the Veep and Cabinet level officials. One might ask why the GOPers feel the convenience of a White House bureaucrat is more important than the person third in line for the presidency. One futhers notes that Hastert routinely used military transport, as agreed upon by the Congress, since shortly after 9/11 in recognition of the need of enhanced security.

When even the White House comes out in support of the Speaker, clearly the Republicans are losing their tenuous grip on reality. If they don't snap to and start taking care of the nation's business, the trouncing they received in 06 will feel like a mild slap on the wrist compared to the beating they're going to take in 08.
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Blogger Carpo said...

I really like how you couch your comments with politeness while all the time your politcal bias is obvious. Words such as inane, bullying, fake, and psychopathic are dead giveaways. Your hatred for the Republicans is irrational as is most hatred. I would suggest spending less time demonstrating vitriol and more time coming up with reasonable approaches to problems that exist in our nation. You serve neither side any good by inflammatory speech. Of course, your side of the aisle's shrillness in place of intellectual endeavor has been well noted in the past. As for me, I couldn't care less what she flies on and you will note here that I've resisted any broom jokes.

3:35:00 PM  
Blogger Daniel DiRito said...

See a tongue-in-cheek visual of "Nancy's Flight Of Fancy"

7:02:00 PM  
Blogger Libby Spencer said...

Carpo - I assume you haven't read much of my work but this one post or else it would be obvious that I have no party bias. I'm an equally opportunity basher. I go after anyone of any party that abuses power. I really don't understand this post as hateful and I don't understand how you can defend the GOP's conduct on this. You don't think they're being inflammatory by creating a partisan controversy where there isn't one? Do you think they should be spending their time and our tax dollars fighting about this?

Daniel - love your blog, adored your post.

12:36:00 AM  

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