Saturday, January 27, 2007

So tired, tired of waiting...

Over half the country, 58 percent, say they wish the Bush presidency were simply over. Added to a 30% approval rating after the SOTU and it's no wonder his Dad is feeling sorry for his boy blunder.

You hear it on the street. You can see it in the faces of the working class, even here in the GOP zone. The people are tired. Even the least politically aware have finally noticed the stink of bullshit coming from this administration and they're sick of the stench.

Creature is depressed. Me, I'm nervous. I have my countdown calendar and my countdown keychain where the seconds tick by quickly, but the days move way too slow. Bush could still do much damage in the days left in his term and I'm not entirely convinced he wouldn't declare martial law and suspend the 08 elections if he can manage to taunt somebody into attacking us.

Meanwhile, the Joe Friday of Blogtopia, Joe Gandelmann, sticks to the facts and reminds the Congress that the people are looking to them for leadership. A hefty 64 percent of Americans think they're not being assertive enough. You can add me into that statistic. I'm getting rather tired of waiting for our alleged representatives to present a serious challenge to the madness of King George.
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