Friday, July 29, 2005

Oh, he forgot to tell the truth

What is it with Bush nominations and faulty memory problems? Are they all early Alzheimer's victims? Today's announcement of pre-dementia comes from the State Dept, who acknowledge that John Bolton "gave inaccurate answers," when he submitted written testimony to the Congressional Foreign Relations Committee.
"When Mr. Bolton completed his form during the Senate confirmation process he did not recall being interviewed by the State Department inspector general. Therefore his form as submitted was inaccurate in this regard and he will correct the form," State Department spokesman Sean McCormack said.

Earlier, Sen. Joseph Biden of Delaware said he had information Bolton was interviewed as part of a State Department-CIA joint investigation on intelligence lapses that led to the Bush administration's pre-Iraq war claim that Iraq tried to buy uranium from Niger.
Honey, where I come from that's called bald faced lying and it's painfully apparent he's only owning up because he was caught red-handed. Not surprising that Bush will now circumvent Congress and slide the BS throwing Bolton into the ambassadorship behind Congress's back, via a recess appointment.

And how interesting that Bolton's memory lapse centers around that fictional Niger yellowcake uranium. It appears the entire White House has miraculously forgotten the details of just who started that whole lying mess, a mere two years later. I guess they must have all dipped into the same bad batch of Kool-Aid.

How many more lies will it take before reasonable Republicans stop supporting this White House? Seems to me, we're long overdue for a coup.
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