Sunday, September 15, 2013

Living in hope, waiting for change

Posting has been light because, fully engaged in real life at the moment. Forgot how time consuming that can be. So outsourcing your Sunday reading to Betty Cracker's briliant post Your HOPE T-Shirt Won’t Get You Into Heaven Either. Seriously, read it all, it's not long but this is the really important part.
Part of the deal used to be that we could share the crumbs from their table. But now that the plutocrats have realized that their vast wealth can serve as its own sovereign state, they can cut the rest of us loose, buy governments in bulk and carry out enforcement actions using contract armies without relying on the US military as their muscle. [...]

President Obama is a smart guy who surely recognizes this, but he operates within this system and is a creature of it, just as all of us are. He rearranges the deck chairs on our sinking empire and even bails out some water sometimes, which is about the best we can expect given the geopolitical and economic realities. But trust him 100%? Only a fool would.

Yes, it is important to elect and support Democrats instead of Republicans. In fact, it’s our only hope, since putting our faith in fake President Dr. Jill Stein will only hasten the implosion by empowering the party that is 100% owned by the plutocrats instead of 80% co-opted.
President Obama is just a guy with a ridiculously stressful job working within an entirely corrupt system. We could have done much worse. He can't singlehandedly change the way the world works. People should probably stop expecting him to do so.
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