Saturday, September 07, 2013

Holy Joe

This is an old link I never got around to but it's still relevant. In case you were wondering what Joe Lieberman is doing now:
This is what the political afterlife looks like for the 71-year-old Stamford native, who is starting his second month as a part-time senior counsel at the Manhattan commercial litigation firm of Kasowitz, Benson, Torres & Friedman.

"This is Broadway. Right around the corner is `The Book of Mormon' and `Chicago,' " he says. 
Mother of God, please don't let this happen:
Going forward, Lieberman envisions playing a role similar to that of George Mitchell and the late Warren Rudman, former Senate colleagues who found second careers as independent investigators and strategic counselors. In Mitchell's case, he investigated steroid use in Major League Baseball. Rudman looked into the abuses at Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac.
And sweet Jebus will this phony narrative never die?
"I think outside of the far left, he never stopped commanding great respect on both sides of the aisle and particularly among people who were serious policymakers," Gerstein says. "When he speaks, he still will have an impact and influence because he is known for being thoughtful and independent in his thinking."
"Independent" meaning go for the big grift and throw in with GOPers, like this:
Lieberman's ideology is reflected in some of his current endeavors, including serving as co-chairman of the American Internationalism Project with former GOP Sen. Jon Kyl. The program is run by the American Enterprise Institute, a think tank associated with neoconservatism.

Lieberman is also partnering with former Massachusetts Sen. Scott Brown, another Republican, as co-chairs of the Bipartisan Coalition for American Security, a 501(c)4 advocacy group that expects to run television spots highlighting lawmakers' records on military spending. Asked if that could pit him against any of his former colleagues from Connecticut, Lieberman grins. "It's possible."
(Restrains impluse to fly to New York simply to bitchslap that smug smirk off his face)

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