Sunday, June 02, 2013

If Romney had won

In case you were wondering, Zeke Miller who's now at Time magazine, posts a longer look at Mitt Romney's transistion plan. There's probably no more relevant reaction than these tweets from the big time con blogger at Powerline:
John Podhoretz: Now I'm glad he lost. Seriously, this is an embarrassment. It's like the Romney administration was going to be one big Learning Annex.
The plan was hundreds of pages long, (complete with PowerPoint presentations), carefully crafted by hundreds of the best corporate toadies within the Romney inner circles. They envisioned remaking the White House in the image of a predatory Bain style corporation. This would have included breaking the function down into “Care & Feeding Offices, Policy Offices, and Packaging & Selling Offices."

First on the agenda:
Corporate-style training seminars were planned for appointees and nominees before the inauguration to teach management skills.

A plan to restructure White House operations to suit Romney's corporate management style, with clear deliverables....
If you read the selected pages embedded at the link, you can see Romney would have had us at war with Iran, Syria and possibly China within the first six months even while he was busy abolishing every trace of the former administration's policy from repealing Obamacare, disemboweling Social Security and Medicare, to the reinventing the tax structure to favor corporate interests because, you know, job creators.

We didn't just dodge a bullet on this one. More like dodging a nuclear warhead. [photo via]


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