Thursday, May 16, 2013

The cost of repealing Obamacare

Not talking about the costs as related to health care or the deficit. This is simply the cost to the taxpayer for the time it takes Congress to keep producing these "message bills" the crackpot cons insist on repeatedly bringing to the floor in order to impress the rubes back home.
Steve Daines represents Montana, which, at last count, takes in $1.92 of money from big government Beltway solutions for every dollar in taxes Montanas send to the rest of us. And, by the time the House arranged to define the word "quixotic" for the ages for the 33rd time, which was almost a year ago, the collective cost of all the tantrums to American taxpayers — including Montanans — already had topped $50 million. ...
House GOP leadership just agreed to bring futile attempt number 37 forward because they have freshman crackpots who didn't get a chance to show their contempt for President Obummer, the rule of law and the will of the people yet.

Now if somebody would just figure out what Darrell Issa's clown show has cost us so far instead of the endless iterations on the political standings of the playahs, we'd be getting somewhere.[image via]

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