Saturday, April 20, 2013

State of confusion

Public obsession number one is still Boston today. The internets tells me the TV newsers are down to interviewing the cousin of the brother-in-law who's a friend of a friend who knows somebody who once worked in the very same store where the bomber was once seen buying a bag of Doritos. Meanwhile there's a murmuration of post analysis on the print side. Wear your safety glasses if you wade into that one so you're not blinded by the sparks from all the grinding of axes.

Most useful post I've seen all day was this interview with the Watertown police chief. It clears up one point of interest that most of the media doesn't seem to have picked up on. How the older brother died.
The fight ended when Tamerlan Tsarnaev, after leaving cover to close in on the officers while firing his weapon just “five to ten feet” away, ran out of ammunition. He was tackled by multiple officers and handcuffed. ...

In the confusion, Dzokhar Tsarnaev returned to the stolen car and made his escape — apparently fatally wounding his sibling in the process.
In other words he drove over his own brother to get away. More details at the link.

The other thing that strikes me in the cacophony of coverage is no one is asking about the guns they had. The focus is on the IEDs but five days later and I still don't know what kind of guns they used. I'd rather like to know what they were and where they got them.

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