Friday, July 13, 2012

Conservatives in disarray

Not difficult to see how very nervous the cons have become about the Bain issue. The stretch to find even the slightest plausible false equivalence is no longer confined to the outer reaches of the Zombie Breitbart zone. This is possibly the silliest post ever published at Volokh.

Turn on the Drudge siren. President Obama can't bring up Rmoney's outsourcing because his tax returns show he made money from foreign sources.
Their returns do not disclose which foreign countries are responsible for paying the Obamas the $2.7 million in foreign source income, but the overwhelming bulk of it must come from payments resulting directly or indirectly from book sales. Nonetheless, the Obamas did report a total of $3,611 in foreign passive income in 2009 and 2010, a type of income that most often results from investments in foreign countries. Like some of the foreign investments for which Romney has been pilloried, this Obama passive foreign income might result from the foreign investments of U.S. financial entities in which the Obamas invested.
Oops. Addendum to the paragraph.
[See update below; the passive income indeed came from the foreign investments of a U.S. entity in which the Obama's had an interest (Michelle Obama in a beneficiary), but it is not one over which they had any control over the investments.]
So, in other words. Nevermind. (To be read in Emily Latella's voice)

By what stretch of logic is selling a couple million dollars worth of books and declaring a few thousand in passive income the same as this?

But beyond that, Jim seems to have missed the irony in that he could examine President Obama's tax returns because, Obama released his. That Romney hasn't released his tax returns is at the crux of their Bain problem. So, not helping. Neither to help Romney or inform the public.

I'm so old I remember when Volokh cared about the latter. They were the only conservative blog on my blogroll back then, when blogrolls ruled the ranking systems.

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