Sunday, December 11, 2011

GOP Debate: Better than Ambien edition

I tried to watch the latest performance of the GOP's slapstick circus but only made it as far as the immigration question before I passed out from brain crushing boredom. Which was just as well. I needed the sleep and having read Richard Adams's live blog, apparently I caught the highlight of the show before Morpheus gratefully wrapped me in his embrace. My only regret is missing the #What10Kbuys hashtag fun on twitter.

Always worth reading, Charles says "all bets are off." While the answers to the remarkably convoluted questions were boilerplate, the shattering of Willard Mitt Romney's glass jaw changed the dynamics some.

I'm rooting for Ron Paul in the opening round myself. As Atrios remarked on twitter the other day, if Paul wins, the media will never mention Iowa again. Which would be for the best. Don't understand why a state which at this point is pretty much unrepresentative of the USA as a whole gets to be the kingmaker every damn time.

Anyway, I think I'm done with debates. Wake me up when they crown the King Clown. [graphic via]

Addendum: In case you missed the 10K reference:

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