Monday, July 18, 2011

The will of the people

The GOPers keep saying they're holding the world economy hostage because everybody wants them to. They claim a mandate from "the people" who elected them. Well, that may be true enough, except according this poll that would be 21 percent of the people. Which is pretty much their lunatic Tea Party base who think letting the debt ceiling expire isn't any big deal. These are the same people who sneer at the experts and all those high falutin' brainiacs with their elite educations who are issuing dire warnings. They only believe Rush Limbaugh and hell, he's not worried.

Meanwhile, I had very little internet time this weekend so I haven't been able to follow the action closely but the Reid/McConnell deal in the Senate looks like a rotten deal to me. I can't believe Obama would sign off on it. From what I gather, it's three short term extensions. The GOPers don't have to vote for it and they made zero concessions on revenue but they got a bunch of odious cuts. All stuff Obama said he would veto.

If he caves on this one, he's toast in 2012.

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