Tuesday, May 19, 2009

You really got me going

Song in my head that inspired the title of this little linkfest.

I was messing around in youtube because Tim Meehan left this update on Facebook. "Try this: add &fmt=18 to the end of youtube video URLs. You'll hear a big difference." I didn't notice any difference on this video but maybe I'm just too deaf to hear it. Or maybe it only works on your own home-produced vids. If anyone can figure out what it's supposed to do, please leave a comment.

Dan has the rant of the day on the GOP's foolishness.

And I've had this rant on single payer health care hanging around so long I forgot what jurassicpork said, but I remember it was really worth reading. By the way, he's fallen in love on the internets.

SCOTUS upholds CA medical marijuana law by refusing two appeals by hold-out counties without comment.

On a related note, Ohio DEA agent indicted for perjury and fabricating evidence in a case that involves a professional informant called Bray. I seem to recall he was involved in some dicey cases in Oregon a few years back. [h/t Avedon]

Meanwhile, Holland is shutting down prisons because they don't have enough criminals. [via Moonbootica]

Moon also is my primary source for science news these days. She unearths Ida the missing link. I really love fossils. Next lifetime I want to be an archaeologist.

And an interesting twist on climate change. Arctic melt that is causing the sea to retreat and the land to rise. Weird.

Picture of the day at mikevotes place. It takes some talent to snarl with a smile.

Related art of the day from Andy. Picture made entirely of corn. Seems fitting.

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Brought up the hidden track on Nirvana's Nevermind for me.

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