Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Reading the tea leaves

Rude Pundit sees the future.
This movement's gonna die a horribly gruesome death. It really is just the last hideous gasps of a kind of right wing populism that's got nothing to do with actual populism and everything to do with a desperate scrabbling to preserve the status quo for the wealthy. It's ideological endgame, motherfuckers, and the checkmate ain't gonna be pretty.
Really, read it all. It's one of his best rants.

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Blogger Donald Douglas said...

You're badly wrong about this, Libby. This is not a "right wing" phenomenon. Sure, right roots bloggers are playing it up, and Fox is cheerleading, but this really is the silent majority that's going to take to the streets. It may well be a one time thing, but having attending organizing meetings for my Orange County Tea Party (working professional and community activists, and no bloggers), I can assure you that people do not hate President Obama. They just don't like his policies, and the want him to "change."

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