Sunday, March 30, 2008

God Damn America

by expatbrian

Those words surely have caused a lot of havoc lately for the Obama campaign. Why, I don't know given that Obama didn't say them and has absolutely no influence over the preacher who did. But the rightwing saw an opportunity to attack him "by association" because he didn't immediately denounce the preacher or get up and walk out of the church. I for one would much rather be associated with the likes of Reverend Wright than I would with lying, cheating, lawbreaking, traitors like Bush and Cheney.

If I believed in God I would say God damn America, too. Somebody should. Not because the American people are evil. They aren't. They're just apathetic. And not because America is rich and powerful. Give any group of bold and visionary men and women a land of almost endless natural resources and wealth and power will be the result. Our ancestors were such men and women.

No, America should be damned because its government has become like a warlord to its own "subjects" and to people around the world. It ignores the needs of these people while it feeds on the worlds dwindling resources in a desperate attempt to maintain and even enhance the absurdly wealthy lifestyles of its most powerful citizens. Their attitude, like any good warlord's is "let them eat cake".

In America the people cry out for affordable health care. Is it doable and possible? Of course. Do all the candidates, every election, say they will do something about it? Of course again. Are you going to get it? Of course not, stupid. Because for you to get it, the disgustingly rich insurance and drug companies would have to give up a little profit. The government is not going to make them do that. Instead, they are just going to say, "fuck you" to the American people and like they always do, they will get away with it.

Would you like a simplified tax system? Maybe something you could do yourself instead of the unbelievably complicated 200 page "Tax Guide" they send you each year? Of course you would. Is it doable and possible? Absolutely. Do all the candidates promise that tax reform is going to be one of their top priorities? Every year. Are you going to get it?

No, you ignorant fuck, you are not. If you started to understand your taxes and how much of your hard earned money you actually gave away to rich people, you might question it. Even refuse to pay it. Can't have that. The government finds it much easier to control you and your money when you remain ignorant.

How about global warming and those other environmental concerns? Do you want a world that is clean and healthy for your children and grandchildren? Of course you do. Does the government and each of the candidates profess profound concern over these issues? Of course again. Are your children going to inherit a clean, healthy planet?

No, you blithering idiot, they are not. Nobody in this government is going to force any of the mega rich pollution spewing industries to spend the big bucks to clean up their act. No, they will pass just enough cheap meaningless environmental legislation so they can all say they are doing something about it. At the same time more and more species will be wiped out and more poor people will starve and die of thirst and disease while these industries continue to stuff their pockets with your money. And besides, before any big American company has to spend money to comply with pollution regulations, they will just fire you and move overseas where they don't have to put up with that shit.

If another country happens to have a supply of a natural resource that we need should we sit down and hash out a workable deal that benefits both countries? Sounds good. Maybe do a barter of some kind with a plentiful foodstuff like wheat that they could really use in return for what we need? Perfect! Everybody wins! Are we going to do that?

No, you gullible jerk, we are not. We are going to go blow their fucking asses away and take exactly what we want exactly when we want it. And if we find out later on that another country has something else we need, we'll blow their fucking asses away, too. We're America. Fuck 'em.

So if Reverend Wright was cursing the American people or the beautiful country they call home, I condemn him for it. But if he was cursing the behavior of America's corrupt government with its shortsighted economic policies, its domestic thievery and its bullying international arrogance - if he was damning America's insatiably greedy corporations who are allowed to get away with rape and murder, then I for one will echo his sentiment and damn America, too.

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Blogger Capt. Fogg said...

I have to say bravo again!

By refusing ever to criticize our employees in the government, even to the point of recognizing that they are employees and not rulers; by punishing anyone who points out the evil, the corruption, the hypocrisy, the greed, the aggression of and in out country, we have raised a government that has no conscience but lots of flags.

9:00:00 AM  
Blogger Libby Spencer said...

Amen Brian. That's what makes the current flame wars in Blogtopia over the candidates so infinitely stupid. I can't believe people are willing to burn bridges with their fellow activists for politicians. As if they're going to get fucked over as soon as whoever gets elected.

9:29:00 AM  

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