Tuesday, December 18, 2007

By Dodd, we did it

By Libby

When I got home last evening and saw what had happened on the floor with the FISA bill I so furious and disgusted, I couldn't even blog about it. I was sure that Reid was going to get away with railroading telecom immunity, a/k/a the White House Criminality Coverup Act, through. Just before I went to bed, I got the email from Dodd that announced the Christmas miracle. Thanks to an outpouring of outrage from you, my fellow citizens, Reid was forced to pull the bill.

I've already done longer posts with pertinent links at Newshoggers and The Detroit News, so I won't repeat that here. All I'll add is my own thanks to everyone who believed that their one letter or phone call could make a difference. It did. Citizen participation turned the tide.

This my friends, is what democracy looks like.

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Blogger Capt. Fogg said...

It's not exactly a brand new day, but the idea of being able to force our government into just a little bit of democracy feels good, doesn't it?

7:18:00 PM  
Blogger Libby Spencer said...

A temporary victory to be sure but nice to get one once in a while. The trick will be not to get complacent. Plenty more skullduggery to be found.

12:27:00 PM  
Blogger ECOPHOTOS said...

In Dodd we trust ...

Catchy, isn't it?

5:17:00 PM  

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