Friday, June 29, 2007

The Long War Continues

Sorry to not be posting much and helping Libby out, but the end of the month is the busy time in my world of accounting. Michelle Malkin posted her usual claptrap about the terrorist's attempted bombing in London.
One of the great delusions of our time is that once Blair, in the UK case, and Bush, in the American one, stepped down from office the terrorist threat would disappear. The news that a car bomb attack was foiled in London last night illustrates just how wrong this belief was. Although, the fact that the vast bulk of planning for the 9/11 attacks was done during the Clinton presidency should have shown people how wrong-headed this idea was in the first place.
This is a really stupid supposition, the kind you only hear on hate radio or right-wing blogs, that the terrorists would stop if Bush or Blair left office and then the required comment about Clinton. No one thinks that Bush caused 9-11, neither did Clinton, but the two of them and every other president can accept some blame for 60 years of oil policy that propped up untold despots and dictators just to fight the Soviets and help the oil companies. Let us not forget that it was just that policy that supported and sustained Saddam Hussein in the grand illusion of "the enemy of my enemy is my friend".

If you're looking for a good reason for the attack in the absence of any proof, I think the terrorists are afraid. They're afraid that Bush and his poodle are losing their power and influence. This foiled bombing is just an attempt to get Blair's replacement going in the right direction vis-a-vis the failed war in Iraq and the failing war on terrorists. They want us to rally around George Bush and once again support his failed policies.

The insurgents and civil warriors and their minor helpmates in Iraq, al Qaeda, have had no bigger benefactors than George Bush and Tony Blair. Those two have done more for world terrorism than Osama ever did. Their combined incompetence in Iraq and all over the Middle East has been impressive to watch. If all the experts in the world had written a book on how not to deal with the Arab-Israeli problem or a war in an Arab country they couldn't have planned a fictional one better than the one George Bush and Company actually carried out.

Oh no, the terrorists don't want Bush going anywhere until he's finished the job he started.

We are going to be attacked, not because of stupid comments like, "They hate us because we love freedom," but because of our policies and the work of our country around the world. The security interests of the U.S. will always create enemies and that's fine. It's the idiotic policies of Bush in Iraq and the Middle East that are creating huge numbers of terrorists and a desire to perhaps attack us at home.

It will not be the attacks that cause us much damage, but our reactions to the attacks. The terrorists are hoping that when they attack us again we react the same as 9-11 and boohoo and cry for security and allow Bush and his government to lead us down the road to disaster for the sake of a security that does not exist.

When they attack we must carry on and maintain our character and strength as Americans that do not need the hollow promises of little men like Bush and Cheney. These men will be in the history books but their descendants will take no comfort from that which will be written.

Jim Martin

Thanks to State of the Day for the link.

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