Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Fred Thompson; Actor, Politician, Statesman, Did I Mention Actor?

I'm sitting here taking a break from work and thought I would go ahead and post something. So I went to Memeorandum and took a look around and man oh man it's Fred D. Thompson time.

I am tickled pink about this, if he's actually going to run. Yeah, right. He's in baby, he's in. I can just see them polishing up that red pick-up truck now and his tailor is making those Levi's look as good as they can look on old Fred's geriatric ass.

I wonder how many roles Fred will play? You know he'll be in the red pick-up all over the south and west. He'll probably adopt his gruff but urbane lawyer look for the northeast and California. I wonder if he has a bolo for the desert southwest?

Well whatever it will take, Fred can come up with some role he's played. Hell, could you see him playing the Mission Accomplished role on an aircraft carrier? I've seen him in uniform, God, what a commanding presence. He'd need a bigger plane though.

I suppose Fred thinks it's his last best chance. He's getting old and his health is not so hot. He also thinks that he can beat Hillary, if it's Hillary, even in this down republican cycle.

He might be right, I'm pretty damned liberal, but I'm not sure I can vote for Ms. Clinton. Besides, Fred is my idol because like me he has a face made for radio, but he made it with that mug in Hollywood. What an actor.

Jim Martin

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Anonymous rockync said...

At least it might be entertaining.

9:47:00 PM  
Anonymous lester said...

I saw him on C Span at someting called the lincoln club. as an avowed hater of dishonest abe he was off on the wrong foot with me right away. his boring cliche ridden speech simply made matters worse. he's a bunch of hype. and he's in the tank with the neo cons, even donating to scooter libby's freakin defense fund. good to know the Gop base hates all their candidates. we have that in common.

1:55:00 PM  
Blogger Jim Martin said...

Let me tell you Lester the party is going to rally around this guy and next year will be the ugliest election in history.
Bush better get the National Guard home, we're going to need it.

3:04:00 PM  

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