Friday, December 22, 2006

What really happened to WTC7?

Via Avedon, who found it here, some red meat for the conspiracy theorists out there.
So, even FEMA can't figure out why WTC7 fell: In other countries, fire alone has never caused the collapse of a steel-frame building. Never. Theres not a single occurrence in recorded history. Other than in America, that is. Only on 9/11. Only in a building that happened to house a slew of banks, insurance companies and a host of dark tenants like the IRS, the Department of Defense, CIA, Secret Service, and the Securities and Exchange Commission. Only WTC 7. With one fell swoop of structural devastation, there went thousands of case file evidence against outfits like WorldComm and Enron.
I don't know about you, but my tin foil antennae have been twitching over that question since the day that building went down. I mean, the facts often stretch credibility to the breaking point, but sometimes there really is a conspiracy....

And Ruminate This is right in that New Yorkers deserve a full investigation and report on why that building went. The inability to explain it doesn't say much for Mahattan's building safety standards and the residents have to live and work in thousands of more buildings just like it.
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