Saturday, November 04, 2006

Rev. Haggard's ragged values

Quote of the day goes to Paul Krassner.
Following in the crotchsteps of Bill Clinton, Rev. Ted Haggard seems to be choosing his words very carefully--to paraphrase: "I did not have sex with that man, Mr. Jones"--as if a hand- or blow-job might not qualify as as having sex. And while Clinton claimed he didn't inhale, Haggard claims he bought methamphetamine but threw it away. Since he called Mike Jones more than once to buy a large supply of meth, that must mean that he threw it away each time.

But, in the words of former Morality Czar William Bennett, "Hypocrisy is better than having no values at all."
[hat tip Jules Siegel]
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Anonymous lester said...

boy when it rains it pours. if this isn't proof God doesn't want the GOP to win what would be. locusts falling out of the sky in a big D formation.

are there any republicans OR democrats untouched by scandal?

9:53:00 AM  
Blogger Libby Spencer said...

The whole lot are a bunch of miscreants and thieves.

1:09:00 PM  

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