Thursday, August 17, 2006

Vaya con Dios Mike

Mike Ruppert of From The Wilderness says goodbye. He's not coming back and he places the blame for the destruction of his offices directly on the US government.

Not to worry though. He hasn't given up the fight. He's just taken it international.

Addendum: When this story initially broke, I looked around for independent confirmation and the only mention I found was in a Vheadline newsbrief that I posted here. Now I don't often source from Vheadline because their archiving system sucks and this brief didn't have a link, so I cut and pasted it directly from the site.

Yesterday, I got a nasty comment from this rude pissant who apparently works for the site and also has own webpage. He put up my post, along with his absurd allegation that I made the quote up, but doesn't bother to post my reply. And he accuses me of violating the tenets of "authentic journalism?" Not to mention he didn't bother to answer my email either.

Maybe the guy could spend more time installing a working permalink system instead of fondling his young co-worker and harassing hard working bloggers.
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