Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Signing statements of the times...

The NYT weighs in on the ABA's proposed resolutions on signing statements. The editorial reminds us that the greatest danger in these statements is not even the perversion of the legislative branch's intent, although that's certainly a concern. It's the advancement of the unitary executive theory. We will certainly rue this down the line, if we allow this theory to become accepted as a standard for government policy, now. There's no easier avenue to some form of fascism.

This theory of course, has been the thrust of the unprecendented use of these signing statements by the Bush administration and the reason all proposed legislation brought forward by the Bush loyalists in the GOP is vetted by Cheney's office. However, I hadn't realized that the White House had the gall to specifically mention unitary executive priviledge as a justification in 82 of the 750+ statements he has inserted into the record. It appears we our rogue president no longer cares about even preserving the facade of following the rule of law, instead claiming sovereign rights to write his own as he, and only he, sees fit -- which doesn't fit any definition of democracy I know.
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