Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Lives in the balance

A nice Jackson Browne anti-war video. It seems you may have to hit the start button twice to make it work.

As a counterpoint, here's brutally graphic galleries assembled by After Downing Street of photos taken in Iraq. I didn't get far. The pictures of the injured children break my heart.
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Anonymous Half Sigma said...

I liked 1970s Jackson Browne better.

11:54:00 AM  
Anonymous Libby said...

So did I. Still I think it's a good video -- not great but good and besides I'm practicing my embedding. This is first time I figured out how to embed a different player than the YouTube.

3:49:00 PM  
Blogger expatbrian said...

ah Libby, I think it was empire who struggled recently with posting graphic pics of the war. In the end, I had to encourage him to do so, and I now encourage you. They are frightening, heartbreaking, uncomfortable at best...but it is the reality of the war and it is time to get rid of the political firewalls that "protect" the people from this reality. These pictures should be viewed instead as ammunition to light a fire under the immune American public so that they will start shouting for an end to the madness. I too have hesitated to once again link on my blog to www.thenausea.com. I may again. It was scenes like these that spurred the emotions and the anger of our society in the 60's and 70's to demand an end to that war. If it is necessary again, so be it.

6:28:00 AM  
Anonymous Libby said...

Hey Brian. Good to see you out and about. I think you're right. We need more war photos to circulate to make Americans realize the consequences of what they're supporting.

11:45:00 AM  

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