Sunday, September 18, 2005

Chasing the dead to kill the "death tax"

The GOP agenda has never been clearer than in this article. They are thousands of poor people still living on the streets after Katrina and uncounted dead hidden in the debris and what are our GOP "leaders" doing? Combing the ruins looking for one dead rich guy who can be used as a poster boy for the repeal of the estate tax.

The last graf says it all.
It's been hard. Only a tiny percentage of people are affected by the estate tax—in 2001 only 534 Alabamans were subject to it. And for Hill backers of repeal, that's only part of the problem. Last year, the tax brought in $24.8 billion to the federal government. With Katrina's cost soaring, estate tax opponents need to find a way to make up the potential lost income. For now, getting repeal back on the agenda may depend on Apolinsky and his team of estate-sniffing sleuths, who are searching Internet obituaries among other places. Has he found any victims of both the hurricane and the estate tax? "Not yet," Apolinsky says. "But I'm still looking."
Hey buddy, could you pick my dead gramma's body if you happen to step on her while you're looking?
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Anonymous KS said...

In 2001 only 534 Alabamans were subject to the estate tax. How many Alabamans went without health insurance, adequate food or proper shelter? How many worked 40 hours a week at poverty level wages? It is unfathomable that the government would worry about estate taxes for the rich when Americans live every single day without basic necessities.

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