Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Proud to be partisan

I did a post on being partisan at the DetNews in response to a commenter. For those of you who don't want to click over, here's the money graf.
Is that partisan? You bet. So is promoting prohibition, or the war, or any idea. So what? The word is thrown around like an insult these days, particularly by conservatives against the liberals, when they can't come up with a factual counterargument. It's become little more than a polite way to say "moonbat." But being partisan is only wrong when you use power to advance your platform at the expense of the truth and of the common good. Last I looked, my side is not the one in power. My conscience is clear.
I mean really, what's wrong with fervently believing in a cause?
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Anonymous Bronwyn said...

Nothing's wrong with being a fervent believer in anything, so long as that belief is based by rational thought and logic, and is supported by facts and evidence.

Remember, Pat Robertson's a fervent believer. He's also full of s@#t.

Actually, the term 'fervent' may be negative after all, as it suggests to me a belief based on emotion rather than rational thought.

So in that respect, there's plenty wrong with being a fervent believer in something. Gotta have that rational basis or you wind up like any other blowhard.

Semantics, yes. But semantics are important, especially when dealing with online forums where any word you type, if not chosen carefully, can be taken out of context.

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