Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Another Clinton in the White House?

Salon posts a very interesting and comprehensive piece on Brand Hillary. The speculation that she's preparing for a run for the White House has been percolating through the media practically since she was elected Senator. I've been saying right along that it would a disaster for the Dems if she did and I still think that's true even though this piece offers a reasons to think she would be a great candidate.

She probably would. Frankly, I think she'd make a good President but unless the major media suddenly morphs back into an impartial source of news again, I don't think she'll be able to paint over the ugly picture the right paints of her. Not when the name Clinton has come to symbolize the root of all liberal evil in the minds of those voters that put Bush and the rest of the GOP extremistists into office.

These voters can obviously be swayed by images and slogans into voting against their own interests. It's difficult to believe that folks who still believe we found WMDs in Iraq can be persuaded that Hillary is not as diabolical as they have been led to believe. A Clinton candidacy offers much too much opportunity to obfuscate the important issues by turning the debate to the woman herself. Unless something radical happens to untarnish Bill's image in these voters eyes, for the good of the party and the country Hillary should not run.
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Anonymous KS said...

There are still too many men in this country who feel threatened by strong woman with intelligence. They'd never vote for Hillary even if she were the best candidate. I can see the TV commercials now - PMS, menopause, every tired cliche women have had to endure for years would be used to smear her.

Women may have come a long way, but our country is in bad shape and there's a lot at stake. The next presidential election is not the time for the Democrats to be testing the waters.

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