Wednesday, August 06, 2014

Obama's Policies

Obama's 'policies,'  we hear so much about Obama's policies and so little about what those might be that it puzzles me. If we're talking about any policy he might have been able to persuade congress to implement, we have only the Affordable Care Act which was supported by a majority of Americans and still is when you ask them but isn't when you ask them if they support "Obamacare."

Of course "Obama's Policies" is a metonym -- a stand-in word for a Black man in the White house -- and not as a servant.  Very often the dung flung at him is recycled from accusations fairly made against his Republican predecessors and just as the amorphous Whitewater investigation was an attempt to pay back the Democrats for Watergate and successful attempt to handcuff Clinton -- just as Bush was called the worst president ever for bankrupting the economy, destroying the job market, lying to get us into the longest and most expensive war in our history that ran up unprecedented debt, they try to retaliate and pin the tail on the Negro.  Obama is the worst president ever, Obama started the Recession, Obama, despite 6 years of steady recovery is all to blame for the lack of recovery. It isn't true and it can't be argued for, so Obama's Polices usually go unnamed or falsely attributed. "Obama's Policies" used without specifics identifies the user as a coward, a scoundrel and a liar.


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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Correct me if I am misreading you but you seem to be saying, or implying, that accusations against Obama are unfair but accusations against Republican presidents are not.

In any event, I would urge you and your readers to 'fling dung' against any *and all* presidents. I am reminded of the very wise words of the late Auberon Waugh in The Spectator many years ago. I paraphrase: Whenever you see a politician on a soap-box always shout out 'Show us your willy!'

They deserve no less!

12:47:00 PM  
Blogger Capt. Fogg said...

Why would you think I'm saying anything remotely like that? Your bias is showing and maybe I should ask all commenters to show us your bias? Lies are lies and truth is truth. Liars are liars and there is very little coming out of the RNC these days that isn't vicious and untrue horseshit and the only discernible "policy" is sabotage.

Sorry, but the false equivalence gambit turned rancid and rotted away a long time ago. Nixon was a crook and a felon and so was his vice president. Get over it. It wasn't the liberal press, it was Nixon and it wasn't Clinton or Obama who gave us the worst recession since 1929, it was the same Republican policies those bastards are still selling. It was George W. Bush and Dick the Prick Cheney and it's not about fairness -- it's about the truth and you can't make it go away with childish word games.

I'm not stupid and I'm not ignorant and when it comes to lie, cheat and sabotage your way to power with no regard to the effect on Americans the Republicans are winning a thousand to one nor will all your piety or wit erase a line of it.

Bush suspended the 4th amendment for nearly 90% of the population. BUSH -- remember him? This is not tyranny but health care reform is?Bush was a lying bastard who ruined a robust economy while enriching corrupt corporations and Bush got us into a useless and never ending war that cost more than WWII -- and tried to pay for it with some idiotic mumbo-jumbo designed to ruin us.

What did the "tyrant" Obama do to "trash the constitution?" Health care reform? Seriously? Aren't tyrants supposed to rule with an iron hand rather than to be totally thwarted in any action -- even actions formerly approved by his treasonous opposition?

Seems to me that accusations being made against every Democratic president since that drunken, crook resigned 40 yeas ago today have been projections of egregious Republican sins and while people were arrested for wearing anti-Bush T-shirts, we have a billion dollar industry that exists only to malign Obama and sabotage the government until such time as the country collapses and the party of Ghouls can take it all.

They did the same to Clinton with the lawsuits and filibusters and impeachment scams -- and since then, not one single Republican prediction of Democratic doom has come true. No double dip recession, no collapse of the economy but years of growth and more terrorists killed or captured than during the Bush debacle. You're talking about fairness and parity? Sorry, it's bullshit.

What I AM saying is that lies are lies and the truth is the truth. Obama is not shredding the constitution, he is not the tyrant Bush was for giving us the health are reform he was elected by a Majority to do. Which president invalidated the fourth amendment -- which president started a war under false pretenses and under whose watch did we descend into unprecedented debt? Who made us a nation of torturers, who? or didn't you notice?

Do you really think there is any trace of fair comparison between the relentless and often contradictory accusations against Obama and those against Bush? Seriously?

Sorry, pro-forma false accusations aren't patriotic regardless of which pompous asshole told you that. This is a participatory type of government, not the primate cage at the fucking zoo.

10:34:00 AM  

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