Tuesday, May 13, 2014

With Limbaugh and Coulter, who needs Satan?

By Capt. Fogg

Think the insanity in America isn't getting worse: angrier, more obtuse, more vicious and increasingly bought and paid for by people who admire Vladimir Putin and wish, like Fox News has so often said, we could have a leader like him?  Think again.  There is no bottom.  There is no fact so irrefutable, no cause so decent that the Republicans can't defame it or deny it.  I'm not going to waste any more time pointing out the lies about science and history and law that drown out the very processes of justice and government -- that inflame unstable people to violence, that argue for obedience to non-existent gods and anarchy over Democracy.

I'm going to talk about behavior that is so unforgivable and horrible as to be Sadistically pathological and  which provides proof that justice and compassion and any traces of  our founding ideals is no longer possible.  Behavior that is hardly noticed and rarely opposed in the festering ruins of America, where the poor, the suffering, the starving, the hopeless and bereaved are fair game for the millionaires who spend their lives shitting on morality itself.  I'm going to talk about the Republicans.

Think there's no one low enough to mock Michelle Obama for expressing solidarity with kidnapped girls to be sold into sexual slavery?  Sorry, there's Rush Limbaugh with his long history of siding with genocidal African terrorists like Joseph Kony and calling Obama "anti-Christian" for not supporting him in the rape and slaughter of women and children.

Think Ann Coulter isn't trying to outdo Limbaugh in the mockery?  Of course not and after all, these girls are African and Michelle Obama is African American and like her husband who "went over there and apologized to them" and isn't the legal president anyway so he's fair game and they're not important.

No, there's no bottom. There's only American mud and the slimy things that squirm out, vermicular, batrachian, reptilian, festering and pustulent and septic, out of the corrupted body of right wing politics to shit on everything decent and to drag what's left of my country straight down to hell.


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