Thursday, November 14, 2013

Your move Big Insurance Republicans

Dizzy from trying to follow all the media spin on Obama's fix for Obamacare. It's bold. It's desperate. It's smart. It's incredibly stupid. It's a trap. It's a trick. It's dictatorial. It's weak. It's generational theft, dammit. Me, I think it was rather brilliant solution. Shorter Obama: You fools like getting ripped off for junk policies? Fine. You can keep 'em. Let the insurance gougers explain why they don't want to give them back to you.

Shockingly, the insurers are unhappy with this fix. They can't blame Obamacare for cancelling insurance policies now.
The idea isn’t to retroactively fulfill the promise he made to everyone whose plans have been canceled, but to demonstrate to the public that there’s now nothing in the law requiring carriers to dump policyholders or uphold their cancellation notices, so that the public takes its concerns and grievances directly to the carriers. That would alleviate pressure on Democratic lawmakers to vote under duress for legislation that would undermine the Affordable Care Act more dramatically.
Republicans are pissed at being upstaged. I already see the new talking point being tweeted out. Apparently the directive is: Howl about how this doesn't help at all. And the conservative insider media hounds can't be thrilled about losing their favorite "keep yer plan" chew toy. But they still have the glitchy website and Issa's tomfoolery to obsess about -- so there's that.

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