Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Shameless GOPers

So I see our coke sniffing Republican Congressman Trey Radel is doing his rehab penance at some high class detox joint. He says he's feeling harrassed when all he's trying to do is to wait out the news cycle so he can skulk back to DC -- er -- focus on his family. Which is not say I think he should resign because of a drug problem. It's not like he was caught selling drugs to kids. I haven't heard it was affecting his job. He was only hurting himself.

But that's not why I'm flagging this news. The real lede should have been Gov Rick Scott's incredible hypocrisy.
"I agree with the party chairman,” Scott told reporters, as quoted by the Fort Myers News-Press. “Trey is going through a tough time. My prayers and my wife's prayers are with his family. But we have to hold all of our elected officials to the highest standards.”
The guy whose company paid a $600 million fine to the government for defrauding Medicare and ultimately paid more than $2 billion to settle all the claims for damages caused while Scott was Chairman and CEO has the nerve to lecture Radel about holding to high standards? Maybe somebody should blood test the Governor to see what drugs he's taking. I hear he owns a company that provides that service.


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