Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Koch brothers aim to kill college kids

Okay, so the Koch boys aren't hiring snipers to murder young people, but they may as well be randomly shooting them dead. The billionaire brothers new front group invented Creepy Uncle Sam to convince them to opt out of health care. Worth clicking to see the rest of the photos at the link.

On Saturday, Generation Opportunity, a group in part funded by billionaire activists Charles and David Koch, threw a tailgate party with College Republicans outside the University of Miami football game to advocate against signing up for the insurance plans.
What a humanitarian plan. Okay kids, everybody party like you're never going to get sick or die. Who would have thought drunken 20 year olds would sign a pledge against accepting nearly free health care?

Oh and that's not all. As Chris Moody tweeted, "I want to point out that this anti-Obamacare tailgate party had free Godfather's Pizza. Because Herman Cain."

Of course it did. Koch boys have to look out for their brother from another mother, don't they?

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