Monday, November 04, 2013

Blame the damn insurance corporations

If you needed further proof of the total failure of our Fourth Estate you need look no further than the media's frenzied search for alleged Obamacare victims. Today the (once proud and now useless bird cage liner) Wall St. Journal delivers up cancer victim Edie Sundby whose losing one of her insurers. What the op-ed doesn't tell you is she would lost that coverage anyway because United Healthcare long planned to drop all individual policies. It seems they can't compete in the individual market in California because of selective tax breaks being given to only some insurers, of which they were not one.

But there's a lot more Ms. Sundby didn't tell us in her lament for lost health care. Steve M. does some digging and discovers the Edie's is a  poor little rich girl tale. Leaving aside the discrepancies in her stories, (she's been featured in various media more than once), few cancer patients have this luxury:
Whenever Edie suffered a setback, she took what she calls "a spirit quest" into the wilderness. Weary from chemo in the summer of 2009, she and Dale traveled by camper van through national parks in the West. "The wilderness helps me forget everything," Edie explains. "I don't think about cancer; I feel healthy there." Twice more they headed out on camping trips, the last time in 2011 when the cancer returned.
So they both could take months off from work and travel as far afield as Alaska and Fiji. And they clearly have resources or at least connections among the the venture captial crowd. Edie was looking forward to launching a new line of beauty products this year. It may well be that Edie will be inconvenienced by Obamacare but she is far from the typical insurance consumer. Clearly it won't ruin her life to rework her policies whereas living without any health care at all would literally kill millions of Americans who will now have access to affordable coverage.

So the question for all the journos who are jumping on the "Obama lied because these people say they like their insurance" is, did it never occur to you that maybe the alleged victims are lying because they hate Obama, or liberals or Democrats, or poor people and they want to help Republicans kill Obamacare because it only helps millions of uninsured and doesn't do anything for them? Crazy idea I know. That never happens.

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