Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Who's to blame

It couldn't be more clear. The damn Republicans broke our government, exactly as they promised to do on the day President Obama was sworn into office. And that public announcement was not made by the crackpot caucus. As Steve Benen said:
"Blame both sides" instincts notwithstanding, there's an objective truth here for those willing to acknowledge it. Radicalized congressional Republicans, who refuse to compromise, are ignoring election results and relying on extortion politics to try to advance their far-right agenda. It's actually quite obvious.

Democrats "are opposed to everything House Republicans do, but there is not much loyal about it"? Is LaTourette competing for some kind of award in irony? Does he really not understand the extent to which he's describing his own party's knee-jerk opposition to everything President Obama supports, even when he agrees with the GOP?
The click baiting, Drudge link chasing journalists love to play the savvy onlooker. They strain to find their false equivalence, but the evidence calls them out as shameless cowards content to play the role of stenographer. Every post about "what GOPers say" should include this root truth. It's not about conservative principles. It's not even about policy. It's about the big grift.
In any case, Hugh Hewitt is pretty clear about one thing. The effort to defund ObamaCare is not about defunding ObamaCare. It's about "banking for future mobilization the names and contributions of hundreds of thousands if not millions of activists." They are collecting the names and contact information of an army of dupes. Morans. People who can be bilked of their money and asked to man the phone banks in the upcoming midterm election cycle.

Mr. Hewitt approves this approach and will play his part to the best of his ability.
I remember when getting caught in a lie would end careers. These days cleverly promoting the Republican party perfidy paves the way to a permanent sinecure in the wingnut welfare system.

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