Friday, August 02, 2013


Alec MacGillis at TNR finds the charts on media scandal mongering on the IRS nontroversy. This is how truthiness becomes gospel among the many victims of Obama Derangement Syndrome.

Click bait "journalism" is going to destroy this country. They shouldn't even be allowed to call themselves news orgs anymore.

Addendum: Steve Benen adds:
If the political world took a keen interest in this controversy when it first came to public light, then moved on when there were no new developments, it'd be fairly routine. But that's not quite the case here -- rather, the IRS story broke, news organizations pounced, and then proceeded to ignore new developments that undermined the legitimacy of the story itself.

Outlets didn't move on when nothing happened; outlets instead made a conscious decision not to report when all kinds of things happened -- things that made the story itself appear baseless.

In other words, in this case, the media only cared about the allegations from Republicans, not the evidence that proved those allegations false. The political world was obsessed for weeks with the questions, then found the answers boring and not worth sharing with the public.
And worse, never having admitted the "scandal" was a nothingburger, the media will continue to refer to it as one in a string of scandals, as if the false allegations by the GOP should have been afforded any credibility whatsoever. The real scandal -- that Republicans invented this fakery -- will never be told by our so called liberal media.

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