Saturday, July 27, 2013

Obamacare lowering insurance rates

In a mad rush to beat the clock on reality, Republicans are still trying to figure out how to destroy Obummercare. It appears they're going to lose that race, as the good news on Obamacare keeps rolling in.
Health premiums in Maryland’s exchanges will be “among the lowest of the 12 states that have available proposed or approved rates for comparison,” the state’s exchange — Maryland Health Connection — announced Friday. The news comes just as New York,Oregon, Montana, California, and Louisiana are also reporting lower than expected premiums.
How did this happen, you ask? Well in Maryland:
Officials say they used their authority to deny rate increases to reduce the proposed premiums by “more than 50 percent.” Thirty other states have have similar authority.
Obamacare is destined to become a popular program once its provisions kick in and the inevitable kinks are ironed out. Which explains the crackpot cons mad rush to kill it and the sudden pushback among establishment Republicans (or what passes for such in these times) against their own crackpot caucus. Thinking the time will soon come when appeasing the GOP's shrinking base of angry old white men will do more damage to their election prospects than it's worth.

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