Monday, July 01, 2013

Deep in the heart of Texas

The Texas legislature opened its second special session this morning and as the song goes, women rights supporters have a message for the crackpots trying to ramrod their theocratic wet dream through -- you ain't seen nothing yet.

Last week we saw hundreds of protesters. Today, an estimated 5000 are demonstrating for women's rights in Austin.

They're jamming the grounds.

Of course the Big Daddy theocrats pretend it's about protecting children, but this is all about controlling women and punishing them for having sex. Which is not only none of their damn business but also codifying their personal morality increases government spending and raises deficits. They're talking federal programs here, but the effects are the same on the state level.
In general, attacking women’s health choices costs taxpayers. Family planning programs save the federal government $3.74 for every dollar spent by providing women with access to contraception and avoiding unplanned births. Providing women who seek an abortion with the services they need doesn’t just avert government spending on unwanted births. A recent study found that women who were unable to obtain an abortion were three times more likely to fall into poverty in the subsequent two years than those who succeeded. That likely means more women who need to access federal programs.
Yet these same Big Daddy theocrats who insist every pregnancy must be brought to term -- because, Jesus -- are the first in line with the machetes to slash assistance for children born into poverty as a result of these damn nanny state moralists and their anti-choice laws. Bless every single person standing out there in the Texas sun trying to stop them. They stood them down once. Here's hoping they can do it again. [Livestream of the speakers outside the statehouse here.]

Addendum: One more photo of the crowd that gives a better sense of just how many people are massed outside the Statehouse. This makes me so happy I could weep with joy.

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