Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Ted Cruz don't trust nobody but himself

You'll recall the House GOP passed a ridiculous budget based on Paul Ryan's roadmap to ruin back in March knowing full well it had zero chance of survival. Boehner thought he was being very clever with this pass the buck manuver. The GOPers immediately launched a mass tirade demanding Democrats pass their own damn budget in the Senate. Much to everyone's surprise, the Democrats did just that two months ago. According to normal process, the two budgets would go to a Senate/House conference committee shortly thereafter and a single compromise bill would emerge.

But there is no normal procedure now that the crackpot cons have taken even their own party hostage. Now comes the emerging leader of the lunatics, Ted Cruz who vows to block any budget conference negotiations unless his demand to "take a debt limit increase off the table" is met. In other words he wants to guarantee a replay of the same insane kabuki that almost took our economy down before. And that's much more important than passing a budget, which the GOP has been caterwauling about forever.

Cruz clearly has his eye on 2016 and he's more than willing to trash his own party, saying he doesn't trust big spending establishment Republicans either, in order to polish his bonafides with the crackpot rubes and establish himself as the new "Maverick" of the GOP. This is so "call in the white coats" insane that even the old Maverick Gumpy Gramps McCain is calling Cruz crazy. [video at the link]

Of course, no Republican is going to mention the deficit is actually shrinking. In fact it's shrinking faster than even the most optimistic estimates. But why should they be the first? Not like the media is out there telling the people at home about it either. They're too busy inventing scandals to drive their own damn traffic.

[Big thanks to Batocchio of Vagabond Scholar who is sitting in at Mike's Blog Roundup for the link.]

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