Thursday, May 02, 2013

RNC exploits grieving Newtown mother in new ad

It's true that this new RNC ad where they're celebrating their "victory" over Obama in having squashed gun safety reform hits a new low in tasteless GOP gloating. But I'm only posting this because it shows the footage of Obama's last press conference where Jon Karl asked a stupid question about whether POTUS thought he's "lost his juice" because the bill couldn't even get to the floor for a simple up or down vote.

Our DC insider media was obsessed with this one stupid question. Everybody covered it at length. I've seen Obama's response described as sarcastic, defensive, irritated and bristling among other red siren adjectives. Watch the ad and see if you think that's an honest description.

I suppose sarcastic comes close, except the voice inflection sounds more like a teacher patiently explaining an obvious concept to an intellectually challenged student who needs so much extra help they probably should have been kept back a grade or two.

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