Saturday, May 04, 2013

Hitting the Niall on the head

I don't often feel like visiting physical violence against someone, but Niall Ferguson deserves to be hit upside his head for his bizarre speech at some investment conference.
Keynes' economic philosophy, Ferguson reportedly suggested, was the result of Keynes not caring about future generations.

Keynes didn't care about future generations, Ferguson reportedly suggested, because Keynes was gay and did not have children.
Ferguson apparently issued a lame apology after the entire internet went into an uproar over his ridiculously offensive remarks. He claims he went off the written script and didn't realize how insensitive it would sound to normal people.

Plenty of articulate outrage at the last link, so all I'm going to say is this guy is a Harvard professor and a noted historian. If he's so stupid that he doesn't realize accusing gays and people who are unable to have children of virtually causing economic calamity because they're selfish and uncaring, then he has no business teaching at Harvard, much less collecting presuambly big figure speaking fees to spew his claptrap.

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