Monday, March 18, 2013

The GOP autopsy

That's not my term. It's what the media is calling the new 100 page report delivered by the RNC that resulted from months of study on the causes of their trouncing in 2012. I'm told this a good summary of the RNC's post-mortem. Didn't read it myself. I'm not that interested in Republican navel gazing.

Besides, I can tell the GOP what its problem is in a few sentences. They can't win without the crackpot con base vote but they can't win by supporting the crackpot agenda either. The wedge issues near and dear to the activist base are now causing internal rifts within the party and uniting the general electorate against them.

Scanning the commentary tells me the RNC's grand plan is to cut the crackpot candidates out of the process. Good luck with that. The fatal flaw in that plan is a whole industry of grifters has grown up around the crackpot movement. Some of them have become very wealthy. Don't think they're going to give up that gravy train without a fight. Meanwhile, the already wealthy who funded the "grass roots" movement became more powerful. And you know what they say about power.

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